Hummingbirds at the Beach

Hummingbird at Ocean View Beach
Hummingbird at Ocean View Beach

Another winter adventure I had this holiday was at my local Ocean View Beach.  This is the private beach access and trail that I often write about.   There was little beach this day, so my walking on the actual sand/rock next to the water was limited.

Before I left, I spotted a Christmas wreath on the driftwood.   I walked down the grass area to get a better angle at climbing over the driftwood to get a  snapshot.   The surf was up so high I wasn’t able to just walk there via an easier route.

To my surprise I was buzzed by several hummingbirds.   The house next to the beach had feeders out and they were active in the sun.   I forgot all about the damn boring wreath and got these shots of the male and his harem feeding and perching.

After sitting in the sun and enjoying the hummy’s antics, I started up the trail and got these silhouette photos.  Test your ability to see the bird from afar.   Always have to have one’s eye peeled to catch birds.

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    • Thanx. You know it takes lots of photos to get a really good one. Digital photography opens the world for most of us. Snap away and it is free. ;). R

      • I keep thinking of getting a good camera but I am LAZY, CHEAP and my iPhone takes pretty good pics. LOL! I’ll leave the good stuff to folks like you that know what you’re doing!

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