Elementals calling to me

Back in December at Seahurst Park I was walking up in the forested hill.   There along a small stream something tickled me to think about Elementals.   That tickle said that up in this area where a little bridge was I should be alert to them.

Look close to see the Knight in the tree fold.

First I took a picture of a tree with ferns growing on it.  Not because I saw a being in it but just cause I am fascinated by species living on another living being.   When I looked at the photo on my computer, there is a face in the tree.  Look closely left of center where two trees are growing together behind the fern bearing tree.   There you can see what looks like a knight of the crusades in his chain mail hood.  He is the protector of the bridge with his view directly at it.

But back to my tickle.   After I crossed the creek’s bridge, there was this stump with a huge white fungus growing on it.   There above that white blob was either a grinning bear or a howling elemental face.   He does not look very happy in my opinion.   Perhaps, someone has messed with his beloved creek not to his liking.  Or he is glaring at the knight on the other side of the creek.  It gets better, in the same stump is another being.   He is old father time who seems much more pleased with the rework of the path and bridge than his partner next door.  Isn’t that the way of the world and woods.   Different opinions from the same view.


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