Crow Bath Time

The Crow family that bathes together stays together.  Today I went to a park on Puget Sound for a winter walk.   The crows were flying around playing catch me chase me, so I set up my camera on its tripod to film them.   That didn’t turn out very well because their antics just did not translate well onto the small screen.  I did get this good picture showing how blue the sky and water was on Puget Sound this last day of 2014.

Glorious Blue Puget Sound from Seahurst Park
Glorious Blue Puget Sound from Seahurst Park

Next, I turned my attention to the flock on the beach near where a stream is flowing into Puget Sound. And to my delight the crows were having a bath party.  I have seen them take turns bathing in tide pools but never seen a large group all at once doing it.

Watch them frolic in a creek at Burien’s Seahurst Park.   This even captures some rivalries that flare up. A real snapshot of crow family life.

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