Huge McDonald’s Chicago

View of the biggest MacDonalds ever seen
View of the biggest McDonald’s ever seen

On my recent business trip to Chicago, I walked into my hotel room and behold….  a huge MacDonald’s.   The biggest thing I have ever seen.  It must be 1/2 city block and the arches are around 3 stories high.

A little research and I found this is a flagship restaurant called “Rock N Roll McDonald’s.  It seats around 300 and has two museums in it.  One on Rock N Roll and the other on McDonald’s.

Here is a street view I took walking back from dinner one evening.   I never ate there but now that I know more about it next trip I will have to check it out more.

Rock N Roll McDonald's at night
Rock N Roll McDonald’s at night


  1. My God, that is a HUGE McDonald’s! Do you know that there are McDonald’s, well almost everywhere? I know they exist in China, Germany, and London, England. What a HOOT.

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