Renton Crow Rendezvous


December Dusk Crow visit
December Dusk Crow visit

This Thursday as the sun set around our Renton valley office building, the local Crow Murder rendezvoused around us.  We were surrounded by thousands of crows and a few of their friends.  They perched in every tree and zoomed up and down and all around.  If you look closely at the still photo you can see blurred shapes.  That’s them playing with each other.

I have written several articles about this large winter roost of Crows.  They come every night from all around South Seattle and King County.   The scientific assumption is they gather for common protection from their natural enemies.   They also flock to an area due to good food sources.

My assumption gives them a little more credit because I truly believe crows are smarter than the average bear.  They are family orientated and social in their nature.   I am sure you have heard they use tools and figure out puzzles quickly.  Best of all, they remember which humans are naughty or nice and then pass that onto other crows.  Generation after generation they tell each other who they like.   I am on the good side, and in my home area, am often greeted by them.

As to the Renton Roost, this is their time to see their extended family and friends.  Teach the youngsters how to forage and take them for a little adventure every day.   You can hear them chatting each other up with the news of the day.  Just like us humans catching up on each other. Once the spring starts they will disperse to their nesting territories.   Those families that have existing homes will go back there and construct a new nursery.   Then there are the young couples starting out in life, they might get territory from their family or they just have to go find a new space.

Here is the video I took from our second story windows.  The office has a corner set of windows and this is right there for maximum viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!!


  1. […] I have to admit I still have more questions than answers even after all these years. To watch them arrive around our building in the fall leaves one in total awe. Some employees have gone running to their cars claiming it is a scene from a movie…  aka “The Birds”. Not me, I am transfixed by them and amazed by the aerial performance. Want to see a little sample of this?  Go to this post with video – Renton Crow Rendezvous […]

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