Winter Golden Orb of Life

Maple tree in it's shining glory
Maple tree in it’s shining glory

Eagles and Crows were in the Lincoln Park Forest calling and flying about.  No great pictures to share as I watched the Eagle build his next nest.  I then went roaming and found myself entranced by the light and this majestic Maple tree.  In past seasons I have actually laid in the leaves here and felt the glory of autumn.   I know you have wanted to do that many times but always think..I’ll get wet, I will look silly… you have to go do it.   So, this tree has stirred my inner self to immerse myself in nature.

Next I wandered around to the back of it and I was delighted by what I found.   It is this golden orb of sap.   Yes it is life in a glowing glob.  You can’t make up this stuff that nature provides when you look around.

Maple tree Sap - so mysterious
Maple tree Sap – so mysterious

Then if you look at the next picture you will be even more amazed.  Serendipity does not explain this in any way.  Did Buddha have something to do with this?  I leave that to your imagination and level of mystery in life.

Golden Orb of Life
Golden Orb of Life

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