Flying with Crows

Over the years I have dreamed of flying with my crows.   This week I went to Seahurst Park to see the changes the City of Burien made to the beach.   They removed an ugly cement bulkhead and replaced it with a more natural setting.  Plus they redid the paths, picnic table areas, the parking lot and staircases.

There was a murder of crows in the trees by the parking area and they seemed to recognize me.   Not surprising since this is only a mile away as the crow flies from the Arroyos and Seola beaches.   I have fed them so many peanuts and bread they know me now.

So, after they followed me around I broke down and gave them peanuts.   Yes, they wore me down.   I even fed them from my car window before I left.

That was when the fun began.   They followed me up the park road.   It was fabulous.   I was flying right by them and got it all on video for you to enjoy too.

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