Stormy Night in Seattle

What a weekend!  Yesterday a storm blew in with 40 to 60 mph gusts.   I love a good storm and it was good weather watching most of the afternoon.   Then around 9pm a big gust came along.   The lights had been flickering all night but this time they had a longer outage.   Then they came back on for a moment followed by this weird screechy sound.   Then they were gone.

We got the flashlights out and juggled new batteries.   I turned the power strip off to the television and sound system so it wouldn’t blow up when things started jacking around again.

Next we had to go walk down the street to see how widespread the darkness was.   I got around the corner & it was dark…. really dark.   I could hear a fire truck in the distance but didn’t think much of it until down the road which dips down into a gully I could see light.   Pretty obvious it was the fire truck from the color and intensity of the light coming up the street.

When they got up closer I could see down the other way a big tree down.   The firefighters stopped and told me to stay back cause a power line was down.   They caution taped off the street and left.

Around 2:30 am even though I had tried to turn lights off in the house I was awoken by power coming back on & things coming to life.   What a relief cause I had a refrigerator full of food from stocking up like I do on Saturdays.

Today, I went for a walk and here are some pictures of the tree.   It let loose a big limb and took out our neighbor’s car rear window.

Remember… dont’ mess with Mother Nature!!

Wind, trees and cars don't mix
Wind, trees and cars don’t mix

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