Don’t blame the crows

Halloween dog walker doomed
Halloween dog walker doomed

Crows have such a bad rap.  Are they the evil flying beings that a lot of people think they are?   Halloween brings out a lot of myth related to anything black.  Cats, rats and crows are the top contenders for owners of evil.

Here we have a poor dog walker tied to a tree with his dogs close by.  Even they could not protect him from evil.  Did the crows do it?  Of course not.   They might have dove in for a quick meal.  Yes they are opportunist.  They gained a lot of their relationship with evil from being seen on battlefields getting a snack.   Now days we have more sterile warfare but in days of old they were always there to help clean man’s mess up.

So, who did this evil deed?  Who tied the dog walker to the tree and left him and his hounds for dead?

The grim reaper of course!!

The grim reaper awaits his next victim
The grim reaper awaits his next victim


  1. Cute post and so true about the poor crow, black cats and rats getting a bad rap. I love the Halloween dog walker is it your set up? I just love a touch of humor – it makes one’s character so much more interesting. I have to say what a great spot for that “grim reaper” prop, too. In the right time of night on an innocent victim that would be quite frightening! I love it!!

    • Glad you like the whole deal. But I can’t take credit for that Halloween set up. I walked out of the alley on the way to the park and I could see the grim reaper lurking. Then I saw the rest of the display. I just shameless used it. 🙂

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