Crow Morning Chat

Morning Crow Chat in Renton
Morning Crow Chat in Renton

It was early in the morning behind our building when I spotted the Renton Murder having a chat.  They were atop the movie theater getting ready to fly off for the day.   This group of crows disperse each day and go back to their home territories.  Then at dusk they fly back to party for a while with their friends before bedding down together.

There are many theories on why they do this in the fall.  I have my fun ideas that they are looking for mates, sharing gossip and introducing their youngsters to the pack.   The more mundane reasons are they gather together for protection from predators or share best food sources.   What do you think?  If you want to see more of the Renton Flock, search my blog for to see these amazing black darlings of the bird world.

Hope you enjoy the movie I took of them chatting.


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