Red Knobby Fruit Mystery

Kousa Dogwood Fruit
Kousa Dogwood Fruit
Smashed fruit caught my attention
Smashed fruit caught my attention

Odd Smashed fruit at the gate to the beach trail made me look up.   What I behold was this odd red knobby fruit.  Is it a nut casing?   Probably not since the smashed stuff didn’t have any thing but mush in them.

Is it a fruit?  Who knows so I took some pictures.   Add some Google time and behold I found this is the fruit of a Dogwood tree.  This tree is from Korea, Japan and China and its full name is Cornus Kousa.  What the heck?  Those pretty trees from spring actually make something you can eat or better yet the web site says many people make wine from them.

Another mystery solved.

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