Crows worship the Sun & Moon

Super Moon – Sept 2014

This photo of the recent full moon is awe inspiring.  This glorious sight brought me to think about how Crows worship the sun and moon.  I learned this years ago when we raised our baby crow Ellie. Every evening as the sun would set she would go to our house’s roof and face to the west watching the sun set.  Then she would go to her nest bin and let us put her away in the shed for the night. While observing the Renton Crow Flock each fall, they also would all congregate in the trees facing the setting sun.

Do they understand the mysticalness of the world in a profound way?   Do they know in their core something that we as humans have tampered down over the centuries.   Are they similar to the Druids who understood God in a closer way because of their nearness to nature?   Perhaps, this is why some people think crows are evil.  Crows perceive the world in such a different way than mankind plus we recognize their intelligence which frightens our structured world.

This discussion opens up a lot of questions and leads me to believe that we as humans need our organized religions to help guide us to goodness. However, creatures of the world like crows just know their place with God and each night glory in that moonrise or sunset moment.

Forest Sunshine
Forest Sunshine


  1. I have observed crows gathering at dawn and sunset and agree they are sun worshipers. We are not the only sentient beings that live on planet earth. I am convinced after 73 years of life that ‘dumb’ animals are smarter and much more spiritual in nature than most give them credit for. Thank you for this post.

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