Where do Baby Crows Live? Treetops

Imagine you are born in a tree.   Your first view of the world is of tree tops.   You are high in the air and look out over the green world.   You can’t make any mistakes when you play or the plunge is fatal.  You stretch your wings and flap them in practice.  The first flight is really just a jump from nest to another branch.  Your baby crow dance is hopping around with wings out for balance.

You know no other world and learn quickly that mom and dad are there for you.   Just a little cry for food and they return to stuff your noisy mouth.  By summer’s end you learn to find a worm or two and are on your way to being a teen crow.

Next time you look up into the trees, think like a baby crow.  What would it be like?

The baby crow world
The baby crow world

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