Sing for my Dinner

Singing will get me dinner...right?
Singing will get me dinner…right?

Baby crows continue to sing for their dinner this week.  However, the parents are now immune to the sound and just let them wait.   The little ones are starting to feed themselves but not until everyone ignores them.  Then they peck around until they find something that remotely resembles food.

While at the beach today I took a series of photos of this family on a log.   I got some good singing baby pictures but when I got home I was surprised.   One of the parents is our gimpy crow from MVD I highlighted a few posts ago.  In the photo below check out the bird’s foot on the right.  See how it is curled and deformed?   That’s my crow!!

I have to confess my better camera’s battery ran out and this series is from my little Canon point & shoot.  Then to get the shot at first I had the sun over exposing the family.   The next photo was earlier & once I started moving around to get the light better the little camera came through with the picture above.  Bird photography is all about shooting the pictures as fast as you can.  One never knows when they will spook and fly away.  I often go for an over exposed picture like the one below vs no picture at all.  No one ever says I took too many pictures…  instead we say dang I didn’t take enough.

Back to our singing baby crow — check out how pink his inner mouth is.   That is a tell-tale sign of a baby crow.  It will turn black when they get older but for now it is a strong visual that he is a baby singing for food.

Gimpy Crow & Singing Baby
Gimpy Crow & Singing Baby


  1. amazing that you happened to see, and even unknowingly photograph, your crow yet again :-). Strange that, at least in this pic, her/the baby looks larger than she. Cool that you can get such great quality pics like the first/top pic even with such simple camera, i should find out how to choose the settings on mine. p.s. also beautiful are the pics in your posts of “july super moon” and spider web “spider sparkle”!

    • You can do it too. Where ever you go keep your eye peeled for little moments. I think it is serendipity how I find these little moments of nature.

  2. I never grow tired of learning about these wonderful creatures from you, or tired of seeing your photos of them. Really, how amazing that you got the same Gimpy Crow! Maybe you are his, not the other way around!

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