Oodles of Baby Crows

Rooftop baby crow love
Rooftop baby crow love

This week everywhere I turned there was another baby crow.   Here are five of them playing, feeding and in general being goofy babies.   I went from worrying if I would ever hear the “mama mama” caw of a baby crow this year to oodles of them.  Once I zero’d in on them the deal was sealed that they were youngsters seeing blue eyes and how  their mouth corners are pink.

the wonder of a treetop view
the wonder of a treetop view
Forest hideout
Forest hideout
Madrona Playpen
Madrona Playpen

From our living room window we got the best show.  Here is a little one frolicking in the trees behind our neighbor’s house.   Check out how he bounces around like a human youngster.


  1. OH my! They are so sweet. You are so fortunate to be able to observe these wonderful, inquisitive beautiful creatures! I just love it that you share these guys with us all the time. And thank you for mentioning the way to tell a youngster… that will be good to know for my paintings. I painted a mama and her baby crow in January, if you’d like to see it here is the link (hope you don’t mind) http://jaimehaney.com/painting-6-greater-love/#.U63IOo1dWZM


    • oh that is sweet. You know nature & life throws all kinds of wonderful things. I worry what will I write about or share this week. Then I just let it happen and something like all these baby crows appear in my path. you know that yourself. Eyes open & your heart will be fed. Robin

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