Battle in the Madrona Forest

A pesky raccoon decided to climb up into the Trail Crow’s Madrona trees.   Needless to say the Crows were not happy and continued to show their disgust by cawing and swooping the rascal until he left.

This is all about Baby Crows which must be near by in a stick nest.   Mr Raccoon was shinning up the tree but he wasn’t in the right one from my view-point.   The crow family was not happy and proceeded to give him hell until he went back to where he came from and crawled head first down the tree.

At one point I saw an Eagle’s yellow feet through my binoculars.   By the time I tried to get closer and pulled my camera back out he was gone.   Even in my binocs that bird was buried deep in the forest’s tangle, so a picture was hopeless from that first angle.  Raising a baby is a struggle in nature and as you can see this family had to fight for their young.  This can be why they will swoop humans at this time of year.  We are predators too and people who kill or shout at crows don’t help our image at all.

Watch this little video so you can see how the raccoon got holed up in a fork in the madrona tree.   He stayed there a long time and took  a bunch of verbal abuse before he left.

Last but not least are a few still photos showing the smack-down.

Crow giving the Raccoon hell – notice how his butt is wedged in the fork of the tree. funny huh?
Love this little bandits tail from this angle

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