The Serendipity of finding Baby Crows

Saved the best picture for last -  Blue Eyes & pink mouth baby crow peeking out at me while his parents scream at me.
Blue Eyes & pink mouth baby crow peeking out at me while his parents scream at me.

Serendipity means a “fortuitous happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”.   That so describes how I feel when I find the little crow ones.  Over the years as I gather blog material, I have to remember to let the moment come to me.   The picture above was when I was walking to the beach and there in a small garden next to the street a baby sat.  His parents were not happy I noticed but I was beside myself at the opportunity to capture his little pink mouth and blue eyes.

Bird watching teaches us that we have to be open for the unexpected and enjoy what is thrown at us.  Many people are focused on what they think they should be doing or seeing.  Then they miss these special gifts given to us.

The next two photos are also great examples of just being in the right place at the right time.  First is a snapshot of not one but three little baby crows on a roof.   How did I know they were youngsters?  The cry of a baby crow is so recognizable.  They sing Mama Mama.   I heard this trio long before I saw them and was glad they posed for the camera.

The last photo is the baby crow I rescued.  Not something I suggest you do.  It is an obligation to feed and tend a young creature for months.  If you find a young bird on the ground, it is best to leave them for their parents to protect.  Young Crows do not fly very well at first and do fall into gardens.  As long as a cat, raccoon or dog doesn’t find them they will get up in bushes and fledge eventually.   My baby crow was inches from the fangs of a cat.  So, I snatched her up and we became the parents of a crow.   If you want to know more about that adventure you can read some of my earlier posts on baby crows and the special one we called Ellie.

This year I have not found the perfect view of a nest yet.  Maybe I won’t or maybe I will, there is time still.  We do have several babies in our neighborhood.  We can hear them this weekend belting out that baby call.  One is in a tree one house over.  The parents are being very secretive and so we have not pin-pointed the nest yet.   Next door to us in our neighbors backyard tree grouping we keep seeing a lot of activity.   Again, the parents are being freaky even to David who has fed them all kinds of food for years.   They are on a mission and don’t want any interlopers.

Open your eyes and ears for your special serendipity moments!!  They are there for the taking.

Mom - we think you should come feed us NOW!!
Mom – we think you should come feed us NOW!!
I'm like a puppy all legs & beak
I’m like a puppy all legs & beak


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