Crow cozy up time

Cozy up time
Cozy up time

Spring time brings Crow Love.   They get cozy with each other and start seeking out their new nursery trees.  This pair in Arbor Heights are typical of crow pairs.   They sit close and preen each other.  That is in between getting busy finding just the right branch in an evergreen tree for the nest.   Secretly pull sticks to customize their home.

In Renton from my office window, the pair who reside there have been giving me a display to watch.  During conference calls I like to look out the window instead of being tempted by email or multi-tasking.  That keeps me focused on the call.  Except when this pair show up and fly from tree to tree burrowing into the boughs.   They also are pulling on the maple trees to find the best sticks to build with.  Rather entertaining to watch but almost as distracting as email.

Here are a few more crow pair photos for your viewing enjoyment. Baby crows soon!!

Crow Pair sunning themselves
Crow Pair sunning themselves
A little spring love
A little spring love
Crow Love Birds on old TV Antenna on our building -  they are still together after fight & death of other crow
Crow Love Birds on old TV Antenna on our building last year


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