Crow Home Improvement Shopping

Crow Pair shopping Branches
Crow Pair shopping Branches

Today on my tour of Fauntleroy Park I heard a couple crows giving something hell.  They were cawing and thrashing around in the fir trees.   I tried to see if they had cornered a hawk or an owl but couldn’t get close enough in the dense undergrowth in that part of the woods.  They seemed to move off to the park entrance so I went back to the trail and walked back that way.

There in the small field of the South entrance to the park is an old cherry tree.  In that tree one of the crows I had been following was pulling away on the branches.   I call this shopping for home improvement supplies.   I assume the pair has found a tree to build a nest in and they are now gathering sticks and other material to make it a home.  They were making a ruckus earlier because they were either establishing their territory or did find a hawk in their home area.

I took this little video of him hard at work.  They never flew to their tree while I was watching.  Crows are cagey about keeping their nests secret.   One has to be quick to see them disappear in a tall fir-tree with sticks in beak.


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