Crows say Springs a coming

Spring flowers can spark Crow Love
Spring flowers can spark Crow Love

We might think winter is still here with snow forecasted  tomorrow in Seattle.   However, my crow families are gearing up for Spring.  They know and sense it coming long before us humans.

It is time to love up your spouse or find a mate.   Here are two on a wire who as I watched kept closing the gap between them.  Love is universal and close contact is so desired by all beings.

Crow Partners
Crow Partners

Next we will start seeing tree selection for the future nurseries.   Today I watched two crows fighting over a tall fir tree.   One was sitting on the top branch and another was dive bombing him.  Big evergreen trees are the place of choice for Crow nests.  They give them safety from the ground below, cover from the weather and easy in and out access to feed the hungry beggars that will be here soon.

The best trees go fast
The best trees go fast

Once they sort out who is getting which tree they will start the stick search for nest-building.   Finding the right materials often requires breaking living branches off trees as well as scavenging dead ones.  Here is a photo from a few years ago of a crow with a big stick in his beak.   He was being cagey with me so I won’t find his nursery site.

Building Material always in demand
Building Material always in demand

Keep your eyes open for these signs and you might just find where they are raising their family.  Then you too can enjoy watching the gift of a crow baby.

I'm like a puppy all legs & beak
I’m like a puppy all legs & beak


  1. We are approaching autumn so it’s different but there are always crows here. If it weren’t for you I would just take them for granted. Now I love them!

  2. Waiting excitedly to see what my Coyote and his mate do this year – their first offspring from last spring is thriving and with them most of the time. Will see if they choose the same tree or maybe close by. Yay for spring! 🙂

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