Madrona Tree Watcher

I spy you on the trail said the crow to the hiker
I spy you on the trail said the crow to the hiker

The trail to the beach travels through a madrona forest.  As in any forest there are trees at different stages of life.  This ranges from young healthy trees to dead dried snags.  The crows in this wood follow me along and favor the old dried snags.  This gives them clear view of me and predator that might be in the area.


  1. Hi R! I love this shot. What clever crows. I’ve always been attracted to the gnarly dead tree branches myself. I find this more interesting when I’m painting trees. Can I have your permission to use this photo for reference in an upcoming painting? Thanks -Jaime

      • Wonderful! Thank you and of course when it’s finished, I’ll link back to you. Your quilt is beautiful, that is a good spot to get good inspiration! I’m with you, I love the trees and their forms against the sky. Thanks again! – Jaime

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