Crow Quilt – Down to the quilting

The holiday vacation time is here and I have time to do the doodling.   I took out the mini practice quilt and did a few refresher wind swirl quilting patterns.   Then I bite the bullet and did the background quilting.   Next I did the square motif on the borders.  As in earlier in the project I saved the area around the baby crow for last.   That way I had practiced up to that key area.   Want my little guy to look his best forever.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Once the quilting was all completed, it was time to trim the sandwich down.   This tidies it up for the binding which will be the last step.   The quilt should be as square as you can get it now.   Plus I had an area where the top wasn’t quite big enough so I had to fudge it some on that side.   Otherwise when I sew the binding on it would have had batting showing.

More pictures to tell the story.

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