Murder visits the Office

Sunset fly in
Sunset fly in

The week before Thanksgiving our office in Renton got a fly-in at sunset from the Renton Crow Murder.   When we had the time change to Standard Pacific the gathering down the road was now earlier.  That is earlier in human time, in crow time it is the still timed at sunset.   This particular day around 4:30 pm they moved down the valley and landed in the trees around our building.   My office is on the second floor as many of you know from the posts on Crow Nestlings outside my window.

Only video gives you a real idea of the number of birds and how we were surrounded by them.   Here are two of the best videos I took.  One is from my office and you can see a slight reflection from the office lights.  The other is from the other side of the building in a vacant dark office.   The sunset contrast was striking from there.

Enjoy a few moments of being in the trees with the crows.

And last but not least, here is the Crow Stalker herself caught on film by a window reflection trick.

Crow Stalker caught on film in neighbors office


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