Crow Pellet Surprise

Today while I was walking around Jack Block Park at the mouth of the Duwamish Waterway and to my surprise I spotted a crow throwing up. This time I knew what he was doing; pushing out a pellet to remove indigestible material from its glandular stomach. Here is the link to my article a year ago detailing a previous pellet sighting and more info on this bird behavior.

This park has great views as you can see from the picture of the murder I was feeding peanuts. Next is the actual crow right after he did the deed of throwing up.  See the pellet right below his feet.

I then poked it down with a stick and it broke apart. It had a pinky purple color that must be from the berries he was eating. It is high season for blackberries in the Northwest and they can be found everywhere. The big surprise item was a tiny crab claw. Along with that shiny white claw was mussel shell, seeds, and plant materials. This had been one busy eating machine of a bird.  The following slide show is not for the queasy of stomach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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