Momma Crow on a Terror

Have you been dive-bombed by a crow in the last few weeks? That was a stressed out crow who has a toddler crow. Just like a human child the baby crow gets to a point where it can fly but has no sense of what is dangerous. The crow parents have to chase after their child insuring it doesn’t get into trouble. They can’t de-child their house but they can chase threats away.

That is where the swooping into your hair and nasty cawing come into play. Last week remember how I was busted by the Renton Crow Mom photographing her nest? Who would have figured she could tell that I was focused on her children. I was on the other side of a busy 5 lane wide urban street. But she did know. How is that? Are crows that good of observers or do they have another sixth sense we don’t understand?

Why do they kick some people’s butts and some they just verbally abuse? Myself, I don’t get a crow in my hair. Do they understand that I am a friend of Crows? Did my troop in Arbor Heights tell other crows that I feed them and saved a baby crow from a cat?  Or more out on a limb, do they read our minds?  Crows with super powers, that is certainly a scary thought most folks don’t want to acknowledge.

Because I know everyone likes visual aids. Here is a short video I took today of a mom and baby. I found them because the little guy was being vocal and the closer I got the louder his parents became. They never swooped me but did give me hell. Sad to say I was getting a great little movie of them but my memory card went full. Dang… one must always be prepared and diligent in wildlife photography and guess I was caught short. Needless to say I came home and cleaned up that card as a temporary fix till I can buy a new bigger one.

This week try sending kinder thoughts to Momma Crows who terrorize you, see if they will back off some.

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