Baby Crows Tree Dancing

The Renton Crow Family are a success story this year. They got their brood to fledge last week.

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This family over the years have had their share of tragedy. Last year their babies struggled and did not make it to adulthood. Like last year there was a Crow death in the parking lot. Hard to solve mysteries with a who did the killing and why.

The best part of last week was watching them from my office window dance in the trees as they got closer and closer to their first flights. All along I thought it was only one baby but we had a surprise when we saw one baby in an adjacent tree and the younger one in the nest tree.

They did a lot of wing stretching, flapping and jumping from limb to limb. Their parents were driven crazy keeping track of the two little hellions.  Then Friday they were gone.  I saw a group of three crows fly by and a parent check out the nest but that was it. Walked around our building to see if I could see them but not a sign to be found. I take that as all good news.

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