Momma Momma Cries Baby Crow

It has been a long time coming.  This year my baby crow sightings have been far and few between.  However, today my luck changed.   First on my quick Saturday walk I heard a baby up on Marine View Drive.   After walking towards his cry I saw him on a chimney awaiting his parents return.   I tried taking a video of him but he just sat there making for a very boring photo opt.

I walked away with a few pictures but he just looked like a regular adult.   Then I heard the baby cry on 110th.   This family has raised several babies (including twins in 2012) and I am not surprised they have another success story.

So, I am proud to say Crow Stalker has a baby crow sighting for you.

Baby Crow Cry - check out his pink mouth
Baby Crow Cry – check out his pink mouth

When I came around the corner to 110th I saw him in a small tree but he flew into the douglas fir.  From there he cried Momma Momma.   Mom was watching from the stop sign close by.  She approves of me because I have fed them for years.  Otherwise she would have been buzzing my hair.  Watch closely for the baby crow wing flap.

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