Crow Nest thrives despite Death

The Crow Murder Mystery is still unsolved.   The poor dead soul remains John Crow Doe or an unknown statistic in the crow death roles.

However, the nest that sits not too far from where he was found in the parking lot is still active.   I was very worried that one of the pair who built this nest was the victim.  While the Crow Doe laid in the parking lot awaiting burial the activity at the nest came to a halt.  I would see one crow sitting atop a neighboring tree watching both the nest and the body.   I had hoped our warehouse crew would dispose of the poor creatures carcass.   Alas after the weekend I took a paper plate and scooped him up.  Then walked around to the dumpster.  All the while saying a little prayer for his crow soul.

Over the next week the activity resumed at the nest.   Rather secretive still but they were there flying in & out of the tree.  This last week they have become busier and I suspect either one mate is feeding the other or we have a baby.   Have not heard the crow baby cry yet but that will be the true measure of success.   There is a bus stop close by and another give away will be swooping crows on poor waiting folks.

This nest will not give me the view I had last year since it is over to the side of my window and the nest is hidden by a pine bough.  However, time will tell what snapshots nature will reveal in the future.   Until then here are a few photos of what I can see.

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