Sleuth Nest Building Crows

These last couple of weeks I have been observing the stick gathering, tree testing and nest-building by my local crows.  They follow a quiet pattern of only building periodically during the day and often working on several locations at once.  I have a hypothesis that they are doing this for two reasons.   One is they want to be sure the nest is secure and they just don’t know for sure until they build the foundation and test the arrangement.   The second and I believe is more important is they are being sneaky.  They don’t want their predators to know where they are going to raise their family and this way they are tricking them.   Plus if they are discovered then they have a backup plan.

Today on my walk I spotted several crows working on and in trees.   All of them are evergreens but surprising not all are that big.   I am also attaching a couple of shots of my Renton Family pulling sticks from the maple trees outside my office window.

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