Crow Spring Checklist – Item #2

Item two on the checklist is to claim the tallest evergreen tree for a nursery. This week those that have made it to item 2 are also gathering the building materials to assemble that perfect nest. Sticks and twigs are the required foundation building blocks.

Where do you find a big stock pile of sticks? Crows can be seen gathering them this time of year. Yesterday afternoon we watched two crows in a weeping birch tree that has no leaves yet. It does have a great supply of branches to choose from. They were jumping from limb to limb testing for loose or easy to break off pieces. In Renton from my office window the maples are not in spring foliage either and the crows have been poking around looking for building supplies. We saw them digging into the pines in search of the sweet spot for a nest too. Time will tell if they decide this is the place. They do quite a bit of shopping before settling their families in.

Here are a few pictures from my photo library showing you what this check list item #2 is all about.

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