Valentines Day for Crows

Got your attention didn’t I with Valentines Day for Crows?  It is the season for love in not just the human world but also with Crows and birds.

Over the winter the Crows have joined in large Murders for what I call the big Pumpkin Party. This is most evident to me in the Renton Valley where they mob our Warehouse every night at dusk.

Crows at dusk outside our Renton Warehouse
Crows at dusk outside our Renton Warehouse

Times are a changing with the days getting longer. The Crows now come during the day in pairs and small groups to hang out in the trees. I have noticed they sit more together like young lovers. They get closer and closer as they do the mating game. Some young birds won’t find love this year.  Instead they will stay with their parents and help with the raising of this year’s brood (their brothers/sisters).

Keep your eyes peeled for this activity and as spring approaches you will see them in pairs more and more.  Watch carefully for twigs and sticks in their beaks. This will guide you to where they are building a nest. You might just be given the gift of watching them raise their family.


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