Crow Quilt Sandwich

It is time to put the three layers of the quilt together.  Here is a little slide show so you can see the steps.   First the backing is pressed and laid as flat as possible right side down.  Next the batting is put down and last the top is put on top of the sandwich.

Next I pulled out all my quilt safety pins.  They really aren’t special except I have lots of them and they are real big ones.   The batting had some adhesive in it so I pressed the pieces together to help keep it together a little better.   Then out comes the big needle and contrasting white thread.   I baste it starting in the middle and working out with both horizontal and vertical basting.   Once that is done I remove the pins and have the quilt ready for the quilting process.

I am thinking I will use my sewing machine with a freeform foot that allows me to doodle on the fabric.   I’ll do that in the sky background plus sew around the applique pieces.


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