Crow Quilt – Sewing & Sewing down some more

As with any quilt project it is a labor of love to get through a phase of construction. The sewing down of the applique just kept going and going and going. As I worked along, I continued to take photos to show how it is done and keep myself amused. First lets look at sewing the leaves down.

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I saved the crying baby crow for last.   He being the center piece of the quilt it needed extra care.   First I did the legs by lifting his bottom up and arranging them down.   Once I got them situated I moved the body around to make sure it was centered anatomically correct.  Then the sewing began.  As I went I pinned the edges over being sure to tuck the points down tightly.  How about a slide show for you to see the progress?

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And now drum roll!!!  Here is the finished top.   Next steps will be adding embellishments and quilting the top to the batting and backing.

Finished Quilt Top -  Small celebration!!
Finished Quilt Top – Small celebration!!

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