King Tide and Storm Surge at Arroyo’s Beach

Winter threw a strong storm at us in the last couple of days.   50 to 60 mile an hour winds howled up Puget Sound at about the same time the King Tide occurred.   King Tides are the highest of high tides every year and when you combine wind with these 13 foot plus tides you get flooding and damage.

Today I walked down to the beach that many of you have seen pictures of while I document the Crows of the area and nature in general.

Here are the links to two other posts regarding the high tides and how the beach is being changed by these King Tides this winter. First is a post on High Tide Fort which was rolled over after staying put for many years –   Next here is my prep post showing how things looked even before the King Tides.  There had been a storm surge already but it was only a prelude to what happened this week.

Let us start with High Tide Fort.  It has moved even more now and is now just another piece of driftwood up against the bank.

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My neighbors over the years built themselves a marine residence that has bulkheads, picnic tables, swings and a little shed for his tools.   Here are a few pictures of what the storm did to their place.  When I saw Harold and showed him some pictures he said it was to be expected.   Guess over the years he has seen a lot of change come and go on the beach.

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Last is how our little lawn area shows just how strong the storm surge was.   This will take a lot of clean up to get it back to normal.

My first view of the destruction
My first view of the destruction
This was all grass and now it is a field of debris and driftwood
This was all grass and now it is a field of debris and driftwood


    • no worry – we are fine up on the hill. The only lose was a potted plant that the wind twirled off our porch and broke. But down on the water.. wow what a force it was

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