Crow Quilt – Sewing it down

Time to start sewing the applique down on the Crow Quilt.  It is a labor of love to whip the pieces to the background.  Even though I pre-folded the edges down there is quite a bit of finishing to be done.   Mainly it is how do I want the tree limbs to finish.  Should they end where at the background edge or do I let them trail into the borders.  I decided that visually it looked good to have some extend over.


    • Oh I am so glad you like it. I just checked out your post on the snow & your coyote girl. All creatures great and small are just trying to make a living. Some find it harder than others because we humans think them bad… crows, wolves & coyotes. Got to cheer for the underdog.

      • I just love them all. We have no pets of our own and love feeding the crows and coyotes, when they will have us. I would love to feed wolves too, but they don’t live here in New Mexico, well the northern part anyway. I have heard there are a few in the southern part, up from Mexico I believe.

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