Renton Crow Murder at Dusk

The roof of our office building was roaring from the pouring rain.   Dusk was hurried along by this dark cloud and rain storm.   Winter here in the Northwest is a dark time with the sun rising just before 8am and the sun setting soon after 4pm.  The sun is way to the south and when you add a rain storm it is dark and dreary.

In fly the Crow Murder of Renton.   Some would say that is a spooky thing to watch and hear.  I personally am fascinated by their dusk party time.   They are a social bunch getting ready to bed down for the night.

Then the clouds parted and a brief winter sunset offered a background for the Renton Murder.   Pinky clouds and crows; what more could this crow stalker ask for.

RentonCrows at sunset
Renton Crows at sunset
Renton Crows fly in for a visit
Renton Crows fly in for a visit

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