Crow Quilt design comes to Life

The Crow Quilt is coming to life.

The next steps I took were to finish cutting out the templates and then pressing all the edges in so they will be easy to Appliqué down on the quilt.   Some appliquers turn the edges as they sew.  I prefer to have them ironed over and then tweak them as I whip stitch them to the background.

Once I got all the edges turned, I started laying the pieces on the quilt according to my design.  At first I left the templates pinned to the pieces so I could keep track of them.  Next, I got things situated the way I liked them, I pulled the templates and pinned it all down to the background.   Check it out and see what you think.

Baby crow template edges turned
Layout with templates still attached
Reggie is insuring things are done correctly
First peek at Baby Crow Crying Design in fabric

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