Crow Quilt – Art time

The border is done and now it is time to draw the art piece of this quilt.   First thing I did was take the graph paper I have from my kaleidoscope quilt project and make a piece the size of the center background.   On this I will imagine the baby crow crying in the madrona forest.

Remember another goal is to use only my existing resources.  So far I have spent 2 bucks on freezer paper at an estate sale.  I really need that to do the templates correctly so an investment I had to make.  Hope that is it when all is said and done.

Graph paper taped together to match background size

Remember in the beginning the two pictures I published as the basis of my design?   My inspiration is a baby crow in relief crying and the madrona forest with its nice brown colors and limb positions.  I printed these two pictures on 8 x 11 paper and cut out the baby crow and leaf area.

On a side note, my printer’s printhead took a shit back a few weeks ago when I originally started writing about this project.   I did all the things I could like deep cleaning and aligning to no avail.  Then I called Lexmark like I had in the past and got a new one shipped.   The printer is under warranty still thank goodness.   And this is the second print head to fail.  They said they fixed them so this won’t happen again but we shall see.  So, when I was ready for this step of the project it worked fine.

Tools to draw the design and helper’s feet

As I worked on this my helpers had to pose with the background and border part of the project.

Reggie made himself at home on what he claimed was his quilt
GiGi my helper posing on the quilt background

Check out the final drawing for the art work.  See the big roll of freezer paper ready to be traced onto and made into templates.   Next blog I will show you how that works.

Crow Quilt Design with Baby Crow Crying

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