Crow Quilt – More Border Fun

This has been a crazy busy weekend so I was only able to audition the outside border pieces.  This is the third and final border strips except for the binding.   Binding is the very last thing done to a quilt after the top, batting and backing are sandwiched and quilted together.

My original idea was to use the same fabric that was the first row of border.   Remember I re-purposed some fabric pre-cut for another quilt’s binding.   I was concerned that I had enough to go all the way around and more important did I even want that.  Hence, the audition with the pile of strips from my stash.

My strip stash has lots of blue, aqua, purple, white, green and blacks.   I quickly decided it needed to be a combination of that darker blue, purple and black fabrics.   I dug around and found I had enough to make it work.   Here is the audition and my stash bin for your viewing pleasure.   Next weekend I will sew it on and move on to the art piece of this project.

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