Crow Quilt – Border Assembly

The background and border progressed well today.   I started by sizing the background so it was square.   The size I could make it was limited by a tear in the fabric.   Here are a couple of shots of that clean up process.

Look close & you will see the tear I have to cut off the background
Squaring up the Background with my cutting grid board and rulers

Next I sewed the plain border on the two sides, trimmed that up and then put the top and bottom pieces on.  Not too hard, just straight sewing and some ironing.

Ironing out the side borders after sewing them on
Border going on the background
Trimming the border after sewing it together

Here is what it looks like with the first borders finished.

Background and basic border sewed together

Next step is to audition the half square borders I had made.  Not all are alike and I wasn’t sure if I had enough.  In the end I did have to make a little bit more of it.

Playing with the parts and pieces of the border
Audition time for the Half Squares

Now we are making progress.   Sewed the side black & purple half squares on, trimmed them and ironed them.  Then added the top and bottom which are more purple and blue.  Check out the final product.  Turned out pretty sweet.  Now all it needs is another plain border to tie it all together.

Putting the bottom and top half squares on the background
Background and Border – today’s finished product


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