39th Street Banded and Gimpy Crows

39th Street Southwest has two banded crows and two gimpy ones.   Today I got the pleasure of seeing three of these four birds.   Remember back to my discussion about crow recognition?   That is next to impossible without any major determining characteristic.   This is why I keep track of the banded and gimpy crows because it is very clear who they are and what their territories are.  First here is the crow that hangs out close to MVD and 39th SW.   He is still pretty shy of me and I had to hide behind some bushes after putting the bread out.  His partner wasn’t shy at all but he waited till my back was turned.

Banded crow with green blue bands – the shy one

Next comes the gimpy crow hanging out on a roof and a car.   Her foot is pretty bad unlike the other one on 39th who uses the bad leg as a prop.  This bird is a ballerina of sorts on one leg.

Good shot of Gimpy Crows bad foot.

Lastly, the other banded crow on 39th started following me from about 105th to 102nd.  He was not shy about getting his share of the bread and I got some good pictures of his bands.   Enjoy!

Banded Crow with White band around 39th & 102nd.
Banded crow with white bands – good shot because he isn’t shy of me


    • I have never seen it done but the crow is captured or is an injured bird and they then put the bands on them. They are a registered set of color and I think the silver band has a number. I usually can’t see what that says cause it is tough enough to take a picute to see the bands. thats what I know

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