Gimpy Crow and Beach Update

Today went to my beach area and found that the hill that has been sliding for years gave way some more.  We have been having some moderate rain and storms after many days of dry weather.   Fall is here.   This area is very unstable and I won’t sit under it when I am hanging out down there.   For many years some old decks and stairs have been dangling.   Check out the photos to see how they are now on the beach.   You might remember me talk about the Crow Nursery Tree.  This pile of stuff is now off to the side of it.

The other update is on my gimpy crow Ellie.  I had not seen her for several weeks.  The last time was on the beach and she appeared to be quivering and not very strong.   Ever since then I have looked carefully for her and was beginning to think she had passed.  This crow must be around 6 years old and that is a good life span for a cripple.

On my way home from the beach, I saw her on the street behind MVD.   She was just fine and took every peanut I gave her.   Made my day!!

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  1. I I love hearing about your crows. Recently, I’ve been listening to crows. For some reason the birds are very very vocal around here, in September and October. I have been sitting in the living room with the window open behind the sofa. I lean back and listen. It is like being bathed in the sounds of birds calling… It’s is a balm for my weary mind…

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