Crow Quilt – Half Square Production

The Crow Quilt needs more half Square stripes to complete the background and border area.   Many of you probably don’t know how piece quilting is done so I did a photo slide show of the process I used.  It is mass production with some math and rulers thrown in.

First one presses with a steam iron, then draws with chalk lines to guide one by, then sews 1/4 inch from that line on both sides, next cut with a rotary cutter on the lines, cut each of those in half, next press them out, then sew the pieces together, press those pieces out, sew those sections together, press again and then sew them all into a long chain, press one more time.

Found a little treasure for the project at the Estate Sale I dug around in Saturday.  Freezer Paper.   That is what one uses to cut out the patterns for the applique pieces.   Great score and it is an unopened box at that.

The pictures in this slide show will help you visualize the process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. I have trouble accessing blogs, sometimes. Could you tell me what the Crow Quilt is? I am very intrigued! Quilting is a great American tradition; it is part of the local history in my geographic area. I’ve seen some beauties here – There are local groups who make quilts to give to some patients in the local hospitals. I have never done it, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt!

    • The Crow Quilt is my name for the project I am working on. I decided I wanted to do a non-traditional quilt which is more of a picture. A folk art type of thing. I decided this would be a new way to inspire me to sew more and give my blog a change. Does that help?

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