Crow Quilt

Time for a change at Crows of Arroyos.   I am going to move from the Baby Crow Edgar Tale to documenting my next quilt project.   I have always wanted to make a folk art picture quilt ever since Sue sent me a book on that genre of quilting.

After pondering the subject matter for a few weeks I have decided to use the Edgar baby crow picture combined with the lovely art form of the madrona trees.   Here are the two pictures that I will use as a base design.

Edgar the baby crow telling his story

Madrona Forest up close

Next part of the design is to review my fabric stash.   I decided that I would use only what I already have.  No need to buy more fabric for this project.   So, I got my quilt fabric and scraps out, spread them on the floor and took pictures for you viewing pleasure.   The quilt will need a background, a frame border and fabric for the picture.   I picked what I think will work best for that.   Repurposing the scrap pieces I have for the frame border will save time, then I picked blues for the sky background, green for leaves, browns for the trees and all my black fabric for our baby crow.  Here is a slide show of the fabric.  Reggie had to help with the process.  He is my quilting partner ever since he was a kitten.

Next week I will share how I am doing on the background and border.

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