Edgar (the baby crow) grows up

All of us flew back to our Home Beach and spent the night up in the Madrona forest.   Lizzie was so excited about her new life to be that we didn’t go to sleep till after the moon set.

The next day it was decided that for the winter Uncle and I would go to the big Renton Crow Gathering and Lizzie would join her new family.  Mom and Dad would stay behind to manage the home range.  I have to say I was sad about losing my little sister but Mom said we would see her in the spring.

To my surprise, Uncle said lets go.   And just like that we were off to fly over hills and rivers to the big gathering.   Dad poked me and said to be careful and if I was lucky I might have a girl friend to bring home.   He told me that when spring came to come home and help around the place.  They would be bringing us some little sisters and brothers into the world and needed help with that.   Uncle nudged his sister (my mom) and said he would take good care of me.

And we were off.   I have grown up and am on my first adult crow adventure.   I will have lots to tell everyone when I get back.

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