Edgar (the baby crow) finds sister Lizzie

Flying north with Uncle toward the Ferry Dock where my family is off checking out Lizzie’s potential suitor.   Well, it is not quite like you think.  This is more of an arranged partnership by them and his parents.  I think my Mom and Dad like the opportunity that the Ferry Dock Flock can give to my little sister.  It is not only next to that thing they call the Ferry but also a park where lots of humans go.   This means good trash to pick through for our favorite junk foods.

Edgar with the Ferry Dock in the background

Uncle keeps trying to explain what a Ferry is.   Some big thing humans have built and it floats like a log on the water.  They put those metal contraptions they call cars on it and then go off to Vashon Island.  He said we can go there someday and check it out too.   He just wants to be sure I am strong enough to get across the big water.  There is no way to survive if you land in the “drink”.    So, on we fly by the houses and beaches that are new to me.   I want to stop and check them out but am more excited about seeing everyone.

We rounded the point where a really big human built structure is and there it was.   A long wharf like the one we ate fish on but so much bigger.  It has humans and cars all over it.   Uncle says we have to wait for the Ferry because it comes and goes to the big dock.  We flew past it and started our search for the flock.

Sure enough as soon as we got close to the park where the trees were tall and down to the water like our nursery tree spot, there they were.   It wasn’t too low of a tide but a group was grazing in the seagrass that had washed up.   Uncle chuckled that their guards were not very diligent.  If a strange bunch of crows had come up to our group they would have checked us out by now.

Then I heard that familiar squeaky voice I love…Lizzie had seen us.  She was cawing up a storm as we approached.   A group of youngsters gathered around us and she nearly bowled me over as she ran up to me when I landed.   She had gotten bigger and was a cute young crow instead of my silly little sister that I remember.   Following her was a nice guy who was right there watching over her and making sure she was being careful.   She then introduced us and I got to meet her beau, Jonathan.   He was nice and I could see he had been brought up well with good manners as he was respectful to Uncle our elder.

We all cawed and clucked for a while and then I asked Lizzie where Mom and Dad were.  She said they were at the other end of the beach with Jonathan’s parents.  They had let this group of yearlings go off on a small field trip to build their confidence and get to know each other better.

So, we played in the sand on beach for a while.  Uncle showed the others how to put up a good perimeter guard and in general made sure we all were safe.

All of a sudden we heard a loud noise.  It made those metal car things seem quiet it was so loud.   Then there it was the “Ferry”.   I stood there with my beak open in awe of it.   Lizzie laughed at me and we flew off together to see it up closer.   What a great day we are having and no one is lost any more.  I missed Lizzie so much I forgot to peck her on the head.

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