Edgar learns to be a Guard Crow

We spent the night in the old nursery tree and listened to the tide lap in and out.   I was happy to be home and continue to hope my family would come back to the beach soon.

As the next day got going and the tide went out, it exposed lots of sea grass which contained tasty breakfast items.   We were all digging around in the grass when what did my eyes behold?  My Uncle was flying right up to me!

“Uncle – I am so glad to see you!”  I shouted.  We did the family crow up close greeting.  I bowed my head to my elder and he did a little grooming thing that I so love.   My heart was so happy.

I took a deep breath and asked the important question that was drifting like the tide around us.  “Where are Mom, Dad & Lizzie?”

“Oh…  that is right you flew off before the discussions began on Lizzie’s future.  The three of them flew off up north to visit with the family that has a good son who wants to meet Lizzie.   It was really exciting for Lizzie to find a new family so early and they didn’t waste time going to see if she might like them.”

I was shocked.   Would I ever see my little sister again?  I knew that the girls went away to join their husband’s family but I never thought I wouldn’t be able to see her again. My head bowed down and I was no longer so jubilant.

Uncle saw my distress and reassured me that we would see her again.   He then said.  “Hey, you need to take your next step in the family too.   Let me teach you to be a guard while the flock eats.”

And with that he flew over to a snag tree and told me to follow.   He instructed me on finding the best viewing places and how to scan the sky for predators.   He reminded me about the Osprey incident and how good guardian crows help keep everyone safe.

I found a big rock a little ways from Uncle and we set a perimeter to keep everyone safe.   I watched above and around while I pondered what I had learned today.   I vowed to myself to find Lizzie and give her a good brotherly peck when I did.

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      • When I first came across your Edgar posts I found it mildly interesting, I have to admit – but subsequently I became acquainted with a baby monkey who’s part of the troupe that grazes in the trees in the area around my house. At first, again, I was simply mildly interested, but the more I sightings I had, and the more I got to know their habits, and relationships, the more avidly I look out for them and try to capture their lives. So I can relate, 1 on 1 with you and Edgar, and that makes his life more interesting to me, even though – like monkeys, I’m not crazy about crows!

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