Edgar goes Home and Bathes

I’m going home.  I’m going home.  Harry, the rest of the group and myself are flying north back towards my birth land and where  my family is.   I am so excited but I need to concentrate on my flight.

As a murder of crows take flight together it takes some fine maneuvering to keep from crashing.  We read each other’s minds which is better than human radar.   Those Blue Angel pilots don’t have anything on us.

We did the trip in two segments, stopping close to where we had roosted the night before.  I know I can find my way back fairly easily.  Just fly up the water’s edge and before we know it that wharf with such good eats would be there. Can hardly wait to tell Lizzie about it and take her there.

Then it was in sight.  Those tidal rocks and the nursery tree I know so well.  It seemed like days and days since I had left but it really was only a little more than one sunset and sunrise.   We landed and started chatting with the flock of crows that were foraging there.   I recognized some of them but none of them were my family.  No Lizzie crying in the distance either.   We asked around but no one had seen them.

I was about to cry when Harry said “Come on, look at this little pond just begging us to take a bath”.  I had never tried bathing but Harry made it sound so wonderful.   I think he was trying to take my mind off my family too.

So, here we are taking a bath in a fresh water tidal pool.  The little spring up on the bluff flows down into the rocks and barnacles.   There it has created the best pond for us to bathe and play.

But no matter how much Harry goofs off in the water with me, I am still sad about not finding my family.  I made it back but a home isn’t a home without my Dad, Mom, Lizzie and Uncle.

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