Edgar (the baby crow) tries Acrobatic Flying

Our family went to the beach today just like we do most days when low tide gives us lots of goodies to eat.  We hung out on the down tree branches getting some sun and just being together.   Lizzie for once was only sort of annoying.  She has learned to feed herself a bit so her begging is not in everyone’s face like it was.

Edgar and family hanging out on a downed poplar tree

That was when a small group of guys came over and asked me if I wanted to fly around with them.  They were a mix of my age and a few yearlings who had not found girlfriends.  Dad nodded his head to go ahead and enjoy myself.

We then flew down the beach not too far and started pecking in the seaweed for some snacks.  That got boring after a while and the group started playing sneak a feather.  That is where another crow sneaks up behind and tugs on his fellow crow’s tail feathers.   Harmless fun since no one really pulls a feather out but it is fun to watch.   We were laughing and cawing up a storm from how silly the victim looks when he actually gets his tail pulled.   No matter how much I watched out soon it was my turn and the pinch came when I had my head turned.   My tail tugger and I started flying around playing chase me catch me next.

That was when the group showed me how to dive-bomb and do other fun swooping acrobatic flying.  Now that is what I call fun.   Each of us would try to see how close we could get to the ground before we pulled up.   I got better and better as I practiced but I could never beat my tail tugger named Harry.

Goofing around and acrobatic flying

As we played and swooped we must have gotten farther and farther down the beach.  The sun was setting and we all flocked up into a tree.  That was when I realized that I could not see my family anymore and it was almost dark.  Harry said don’t worry we will look after you Edgar.  But I am so lonely without my sister and parents.   We sat in the big tree all together watching the sun set.   I wanted to fly and look for them but something told me I had to wait till dawn now.   I am so lost!!

Edgar at dusk in a tree feeling lost.

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