Roxhill Crooked Beak – spotted again

Good News today, the crooked beak crow I wrote about back in October of last year over at Roxbury (Roxhill) Elementary School is still around.   I was feeding the flock that hangs out at the little school garden and there he was on the wire.  I like to keep a record of identifiable crows for two reasons.  One it helps us understand their territories and life spans.  Second, since the ones I can ID are often handicapped it is interesting to see how they actually get along for years.   Not the best picture today because I didn’t have my better zoom camera but you can see how his lower bill is out of proportion.

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Here is the post if you want to read about that  first sighting.      Check out the beak of the old photos and this series.  Today’s sighting looks like the top bill is broken off but the distance of the bird could be the top is hidden.  Same crow or not here is another example of a crooked beak.       

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